Game Killer Apk 4.10 (Latest) Free Download for Android

Game killer is an Android tool to modify game scores, coins, gems, keys, etc. or any numerical values of the games.

This tool uses a method known as memory modifying. Basically, this means that Game Killer modifies the values of the game that are stored in your phone’s RAM.

Whenever you play any game, the game stores the values in your phone’s RAM before syncing to their servers. So, if you are somehow able to modify the values in the memory, you will be able to trick the game developers that you actually got that score.

Requirement Warning:

Please note that Gamekiller requires YOUR PHONE TO BE ROOTED. If you don’t know what rooting means, please Google how to root your phone model.

How to use Game Killer App?

  1. The first step is to download the Game Killer Apk file.
  2. Install Gamekiller Apk. If this is your first time installing an app outside of Google Play Store, please read how to install the apk file.
  3. Open Game Killer app you just installed. You may see the following window appear:

4.  Press back or minimize Game Killer. Now you will see the game killer icon floating on your screen.

5. Open the game you want to hack and play it. Collect some coins or game scores or anything you want to hack.
6. Click on the game killer icon on the top. You will see “Input number to do exact search………”. Enter the number of coins or scores or any item from the keyboard. Press the search button and tap auto identify in the upcoming window. Suppose if you have 1000 coins, enter 1000 from bottom keyword and tap search.

7. If it shows multiple values, play game again, collect more items and search again until it shows a single value.
8. After it shows a single value, tap on it and change it to any value you want. As in the above example, If you enter 99999 now your coins will change from 1000 to 99999.
8. Keep on hacking other items in the same way. You can try fuzzy search, floating number etc yourself. Trying yourself is the best way of gaining knowledge. Just try everything until you get what you want. It seems quite confusing at first but it is easy after you use it for some time.


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