Iroot Apk download 2.2.1 [LATEST] -Android

IRoot apk is developed by Mgyun team who released vRoot while ago. Rooting with iRoot is completely reversible. You can root or unroot your device in single click.

For people who still don’t know what root means I am describing you in as simple words as possible.

“In every case, whether it is android, web hosting or any other similar activities, root access means access to core part of the system. It means if you gain root access to any system, you can do anything you want to do with that system.

For example, in this site 8APK, all you can do is view posts and comment on it, you cannot edit posts and delete them because you don’t have root access to my server. This is similar to android. In android all you can do is install and delete ONLY the apps you downloaded from play store after you purchased your android device and view only the the data, files and folders that android allows you to. But, if you gained root access you can delete any app you want, and view hidden files and folders. Also you can install many kinds of apps with amazing features such as Titanium backup, link2sd, Greenify etc, which you couldn’t installed if you hadn’t rooted your device.”

Okay, that was all about rooting, now lets talk about iroot. Iroot is an app that allows you to gain root access on your android device easily. You don’t actually need to know what root is and its internal abracadabra to gain root access on your device. That is just waste of time to try to learn what root actually means and its actual meaning but about rooting all you have to know before you root any device is that:-

  1. After you root your device your Software warranty is violated. If any issues arises on your software and even if your warranty period is still not finished, you have to pay to repair it. (You can still claim warranty for hardware if any problem arises.)
  2. No one can guarantee that your device won’t face any issue while rooting. I mean anything can happen to your device while rooting and you must be responsible for anything happened. We won’t be responsible in any way if your android device is bricked after using iroot.

How to Root Your Android Device Via IRoot?

Step 1:- Download Iroot Apk on your device. Click here to download.

Step 2:- Install the app and Open it.

Step 3:- Click On “I Agree” button that appears after you first open iroot apk.

Step 4:-You will see “Checking root permissions” on the screen.

[[If your device is compatible, proceed to Next Step. But, what if your device is incompatible? Don’t worry, there are many other apps for android that can root your device in one click. Here is the list of All One Click Rooting Apps for Android.]]

Step 5:-It will detect your device and “Root Now” options appears on the screen. Click On it.

Step 6:-Finally you will see “Root succeeded”.

Step 7:- Reboot your device.


Note:- By default, kingĀ user will be installed on your device.If you want supersu, you can install it from google play and uninstall king user.





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