UC News APP- Download Latest version for android

Update: Offer Expired. Still you can use UC News app. Its an amazing news app.

I am excited to share an exclusive offer to you. If you live in India and own an android device, now you can earn Rs 5000 from your android device just by inviting your friend to download UC News App.

The steps are easy and you can earn Rs 5000 easily within less than 5 minutes. Please follow the following steps to earn Rs 5000.


  2. Install the .apk file of UC News on your android device. You have to enable installation from Unknown sources if you are installing app outside of Google Play Store for the first time.
  3. Open UC News app. It will ask you to choose language. Choose any one of them. Then it will ask you to choose topics. Select some topics you like.
  4. Now This Step is IMPORTANT. At the top of UC News app, you will see “Earn Rs 5000” banner. Tap on it and you will see as shown in following screenshot writing “Invite to win” and some other information.

  5. Select “My code and invitation” below enter code and you will see your code. Copy it.
  6. Now copy and send this link >> http://bit.ly/indiaucnews to your friends via facebook message or sms or whatsapp and tell them to download and install UC News App. After they download and install UC News tell them to click on Earn Rs 5000 banner enter your code on the “Enter Code” option as shown in above screenshot.
  7. Now you can send this to 15-20 friends and you can see 7500 KM left on above screenshot (Highlighted with Red Box). After your friend install and enter your code, this distance goes on decreasing and finally you can earn Rs 5000. Your earning will be sent to your bank account. Your friends will also like it because they can earn money in the same way.
  8. You can also tap on invite to win and share your link directly to your facebook post.



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