Baidu Root Apk download 2.3.6 English

Baidu root apk (baidu easy root) is  just one of the services rendered by BaiduInc, a Chinese web company. Although it is of Chinese development, it is easy to use because we have modifed it to english just for you. It can detect your device much as the English applications are able to do.

How to Use Baidu Root Apk?

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To get your device rooted with  Baidu Easy Root application, follow the following instructions:-

Step 1: Download Baidu Easy Root .apk.  After downloading the APK file, (transfer it to your device if you have used your PC to download the file and) install the app on your android device which you want to root.

Step 2: Open baidu root app on your device if it is installed successfully. You will see “A key to get Root Priviliage” on its home page. You have to click that button.

[[If your device is compatible, proceed to Next Step. But, what if your device is incompatible? Don’t worry, there are many other apps for android that can root your device in one click. Here is the list of All One Click Rooting Apps for Android.]]


Step 3: After you click the button, wait for a few minutes. It will take some time for your device to get root access. You will see the status of your rooting process after some time.

Step 4:Rooting Succesful. Enjoy!!!


Download link:-


Click Here to download Baidu Root Apk


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