Intercepter NG Apk download 1.9 [LATEST]+ USAGE GUIDE

Intercepter NG Apk is absolutely a fantastic tool to hack WiFi. It can do a lot of stuff that other android apps “Just” claim to do.

Note:- lntercepter NG works only on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, please root it first with kingroot. We recommend kingroot because it doesn’t require PC to root and also kingroot support maximum number of devices.

Intercepter ng apk

Features Of Intercepter NG :-

  1. You can hack username and passwords of the sites with http (which don’t have https. )
  2. You can steal cookies and get direct access to the websites without logging in.
  3. SSL Strip and resurrection mode.
  4. Auto scroll feature
  5. Forced Downloading
  6. Cookie Killer
  7. DNS Spoofing
  8. Save .pcap session for future use
  9. Save Cookies and reload later
  10. You can view all the images loaded


How to download and Install Incepter NG APK for Android?

  1. Download Incepter NG Apk-File from link below.
  2. Transfer apk file to your android device if you are downloading in other devices.
  3. Remember that your device MUST BE ROOTED. If your device is not rooted please read How to root android.
  4. Launch the apk file you just downloaded. You need to enable Installation from Unknown sources in your device’s settings.
  5. Tap on install and wait some seconds. Done!!!

How to use Intercepter NG Apk in Android?

Well, you have installed Intercepter NG but though this app’s features are awesome, it is quite difficult to understand it when you first use it. Let me help you in this.

  1. Open Intercepter NG Apk.Intercepter ng apk
  2. Tap on the circular icon at Top left corner.  Just left to “Skip scanning” button. Sometimes you need to tap more than 1 times.
  3. Wait until the green bar below gets completed (It means Until scanning is completed). A list of devices connected to the WiFi network will be shown, tap on the device you want to hack. (You have to know its IP address or MAC address already. If you are not sure just select all or apply Hit and Trial method.)Intercepter ng apk screenshot
  4. Now to start sniffing click on “>” icon or play icon. It will complete its task, Just stay calm.intercepter ng
  5. Now whenever the victim logs in any website without https, its username and password will be shown as below saying “HTTP Authorization Intercepted” or similar terms.intercepter
  6. Similarly you can click on the cookies icon to view cookies.


Download link:-


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