Fix Merging to sd card issue in tubemate.

Tubemate, the ultimate YouTube downloader for android is fastest method to download YouTube videos in android devices. But many people have found a issue with it that it takes more time to Merge file to SD card than to download it.(It really happens in faster internet)How it happened?

It happened because tubemate has a feature to enhance download that at first it downloads it to a folder called “.temp” (you can see it by enabling show hidden folders in settings of sd inside the folder videos are downloaded). In this .temp folder, videos are stored as temporary file not readable by our device. Then after completion of download then tubemate converts it to file readable by our device which is called “Merging file”process. It happened because you enabled ‘Fast download mode’ which has multiple connection feature to fasten downloads.
How to fix?

1)Open tubemate.

2)Go to preferences.

3)Uncheck ‘Fast download mode’ or decrease the multiple connection options in fast download mode to minimum value, this will merge abit faster but also is not much affective. So,I recommend you to uncheck

fast download mode. (If you are still not sure see pictures below)


Why to do this?

I strongly recommend you to do this because enabling Fast download mode uses more battery, locks your device. It fastensdownload but that is negligible. I tested and found it increases the speed by 20kbps if you are using wifi/3G of 1024kbps(1 mbps). But then it takes a lot of time to merge the file. Moreover if you enable fast download mode, and you are running another download in background, suppose download app from google play, then it highly reduces speed of that download.

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